Blogging Tips

You can create “private” posts that are only available to a specified population of users. On Godinterest, you can choose to make your entire blog private by upgrading to pro, however on free blogs, the easiest way to hide content is to password protect it. In the publish box, click on visibility and change the setting. A box will pop up that allows you to write in a password. Click okay.

Pre schedule your posts if you think you will be away for a while. Just be sure your timestamp is accurate to the time zone you are in. To change the timezone, go to Settings > General.

Write an excerpt (activate it in the post screen option) to customize how your post appears around the web. The excerpt will show up in RSS feeders (if your blog is set to only show excerpts).

Make sure only an excerpt of your post blasts out to email subscribers. If they are reading the whole post in the email, there’s no reason to click on the link and go to your blog. To change how your blog posts display, go to SETTINGS > READING and change the option to summary.

If you want to control how much of a post displays on the homepage, use a jump break. It’s also called a more tab and it cuts off the text and inserts a READ MORE link for people to click.

Download a Godinterest Android App or WordPress iOS App on your smart phone or tablet so you can blog and respond to readers on the go.

Use the little eraser button to undo pre-formatted text that looks wonky on the post screen. The eraser helps get rid of any extra formatting that may have happened if you wrote the post in a different application. You can also use the T on the clipboard button to paste text and remove extra spaces and tabs.

Change the name of your images to keyword friendly titles. That way if people are searching in Google images, they are more likely to stumble upon your blog.

Use the toggle full screen mode if you are easily distracted when blogging. The fullscreen button is next to the jump break.

Do you want an author bio to show on every post? Edit the description in your profile and it will show up!Go to USERS > EDIT and adjust your description and add your various links.

You can blacklist cyber bullies using email addresses listed in the discussion settings of Godinterest. You can also filter out any comments that use trigger words you define.

Do you want to change how many posts show up on the main page? Go to settings and then click on READ. You can change it there. If you like infinite scrolling (which is when posts just keep loading and loading), you can install Jetpack and activate the infinite scrolling module. Of course, not all themes cooperate well with it, so that’s something note.

Change the media image sizes (so that thumbnail, small, medium, and large are set to parameters you generate). Go to settings and media.

Did you know that you can share word docs and pdf documents on your blog too? Just click the image button to see all the file types available. You can upload them through the media library just like a photo. When you want to include them in your post, they will be inserted as a link that opens up a new tab.


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