How to get started with our cPanel Starter £1.99 per month web hosting package?

1. Go to Scroll down and click on 'Get started' under the 'cPanel Starter' web hosting package on the main front welcome page.
2. Then click on 'Add to cart' under the Starter £1.99 per month package.
3. Next, select the term length '1 month'. Unless you want to pay for multiple months upfront.
4. Next click on the 'Continue' button.
5. Now click on 'Domains' on the main menu and then select 'Domain Registration' under this menu.
6. Next, enter the domain name you want in the search box. for example: '' 
7. Once you have found the domain you want. Click on the 'Add to cart button.
8. Next click on the 'Continue to cart button'
9. You can select 'No thank you for domain privacy' if you don't mind revealing your name on the worldwide domain register. If not go ahead and add 'domain privacy' and then click the 'Continue to cart button'
10. It's time to check out. Check all your details are correct. Then click on the 'Checkout' button. 

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