Uptime monitoring - Technical takeaways for nerds

  1. Stay aware

    Every minute the system will check your websites

  2. We will confirm before we notify you

    If the Uptime Monitor doesn’t get the expected response, it’ll keep trying a couple more times to confirm that the site is down. If it is still unresponsive, you will receive a notification

  3. Always be up-to-date

    The notification will tell you which website is down

  4. Good news

    You will also receive notifications when your websites go back up

  5. Receive notifications

    Three notification options; Email, SMS or Slack.

  6. Notify clients too

    Each website has the option of adding additional emails, that way you and your client can be informed when the website goes down

  7. Uptime overview

    Uptime Monitor tracks your uptime percentage, response delay and individual checks

  8. Included in Client Report

    Client Report integration

  9. Combined notifications

    Multiple notifications in a short time span are merged into a single notification

  10. Real time Uptime Monitor

    Uptime check interval is 60 seconds

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