Why isn’t there a top level domain called .god

Is there a .god tld? if not do you think it would do well? Interesting question. We believe there would be many applications for a .god domain for example Religious organisations, brands and events. On the flip side there could equally be a lot of misuse of the name. We understand that private companies can now sponsor TLDs, so if you want a .god domain feel free to sponsor it. But bear in mind that religious people may consider the use to be trivializing, and some would consider it outright blasphemous depending on the application. We also believe that it could also also open the door to a lot of intentional blasphemy and mockery of religion in general, notwithstanding, the Pope has called on ICANN to keep religion out of the domain name system. The Vatican warned the internet address-making body of the “perils” of allowing new internet domains such as “.catholic, .anglican, .orthodox, .hindu, .islam, .muslim, [and] .buddhist”. 

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