Is jetpack security enough?

Are you wondering if jetpack is enough or should if you should install more plugins? The answer is both yes and no. Yes because Jetpack is powerful enough to detect common cybersecurity threats like viruses within your plugins and themes, changed files, and changed web shells. And no because web security is a process, you can’t just install Jetpack and forget about your web security. What’s more, Jetpack can only do so much, you have to consider cybersecurity tools like SSL certificates to bolster your website security. The more work you put into your website, the more important it is to protect it. Because Jetpack is the complete WordPress security solution. Unlike many other plugins, Jetpack takes care of multiple security tasks: free and paid features include everything from brute force attack prevention to downtime monitoring, backups, malware scanning, spam protection, and more. So in a sense jetpack is more like a container of plugins than just a plugin itself which is why it can be a great asset. It's also really important to keep WordPress, plugins, and themes up to date. Our recommendation is not to install tons of plugins and also ensure you remove unused plugins and themes as some poorly built plugins could put your website at a greater risk.  Too many plugins essentially mean a larger attack surface for malicious actors. 

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